How to break a coconut just in 3 seconds. simplest way to open outer shell and inner shell of coconut.

How To Break a Coconut Just In 3 Seconds
How To Break a Coconut Just In 3 Seconds

How to break a coconut we all know the outer body of coconut is very hard and lots of people find it tough to break a coconut. so in this tutorial we are going to show you step by step how you can break a coconut. if you try to break coconut without proper guidance then you may have injury or losing some of the nutrition content when trying to break coconut. so we are going to show you how to break a coconut in a very funny way. suppose coconut is the world globe and coconut has the north pole and south pole and natural breaking line along the equator. you have to imagine coconut as a globe.

Benefits of coconut oil

Now look at the top of the coconut, you will see a shape like eye. now you have to use knife or any metal skewer to make a hole into the coconut but you need to better take care because if your hands sleep while making a hole then that knife can cut your hand also. so it is very easy to spot an eye on the top of coconut and start making a hole and do this process till you  reach up to the shell.

Now once you have penetrated the outer shell .now what you have to do is drain all of the coconut water into a jug or in any medium. now work out where the equator you spotted. now to break this you do not have to use knife or something else but you  have two options to break the equator.
first is using hammer gently and second is throwing that coconut against a wall until the coconut splits open.

So this was the very simple ways to break a coconut now i think next time you will not injur yourself while breaking  coconut .enjoy the beauty of coconut the tree of life.

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