Coconut oil benefits shows that there will be world war 3 for it. Check out what are the main benefits of coconut oil.

16 Benefits Shows Why Coconut Oil Will Be Responsible For World War 3
16 Benefits Shows Why Coconut Oil Will Be Responsible For World War 3

Coconut oil is a tree of life botanically represented as drupe. coconut is found in tropical climate specially in India and Vietnam. That is why India is largest exporter of coconut oil. Do you know it is the benefit of coconut oil that one third of population of world totally depending on coconut oil. Because oil coconut oil is used in medicine for health and also as a fuel. If we go historically then founder of coconut oil is Sindbad that we read it in Arabian night. He returns to his home after he lost on island with large amount of coconuts and trade them also between the way. So credit goes to Sindbad who showed the coconut  to the world. Below we are going to discuss the benefits of coconut oil. Seeing benefits of coconut oil many people believe that third world war will be for coconut oil not for water.

Coconut oil myth

Sindbad discovered coconut first.
It is believed that Portuguese first found the coconut.

Coconut oil benefits

15 benefits of coconut oil is as following:-

  1. In Sanskrit coconut oil is called the Kalpa Vriksha of life.
  2. Coconut oil gives all necessary things for life. It is true fact.
  3. Coconut oil provides us food, fuel, medicine and shelter to birds as well.
  4. Coconut oil also provides us water and milk which are used in many material things like medicine, soaps, cooking oil as well.
  5. Coconut oil has high level of electrolytes that is why it makes it hygienic and used for dementia patients.
  6. In world war 2, doctor used Coconut oil as a medicine when they ran out shortage of medicines for soldiers.
  7. Do you now coconut oil husk contains fiber which is called coir. In today's world it is used as fuel.
  8. The fiber of Coconut oil is used for padding,upholstery and to make ropes as well.
  9. In history people used coconut to make coins.
  10. Do you know Coconut oil gives thirteen times fruit in a year.
  11. Coconut oil is a great source of nutrition.
  12. Coconut oil has many healing properties and has been considered as the healthiest oil on earth apart from other oil that we use in cooking. It contains many nutrition and healing properties.
  13. Coconut oil improves dental hygiene.
  14. Coconut oil avoids heart diseases.
  15. Coconut oil helps in cure dandruff. that is why in India, coconut oil is heavily used as primary oil for hairs.
  16. Coconut oil is also beneficial for increasing immunity of body and helps in digestion that is why in south Indian people use coconut oil to cook food.

Conclusion :-

So in the end the truth is, coconut is really a tree of life and from vedic scripture it is called kalpa vriksha. Providing us fuel, medicine, water and used in many ways. Used as glucose as well in world war 2. Not only for that but in India it is used as cooking oil. and if you visit south Indian you will see that many of the dishes are depending on coconut oil. So seeing such benefits i think if world war 3 happens than it will be for coconut oil.

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